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About Us

CHOC Children's and the CHOC Guilds are pleased to present the 2015 KIDS' CARDS Holiday Greeting Card Collection. The cards are designed by current and former CHOC patients. These children - and their creative artwork - are what make our cards so special.

All proceeds from the sale of these cards support CHOC - and the two million children who depend on CHOC to provide lifesaving care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Since our founding, CHOC Children's has been meeting the needs of children and families with first-class and state-of-the-art facilities. CHOC has emerged as an extensive healthcare system, featuring a main hospital in the city of Orange, a second hospital in Mission Viejo, multiple community clinics and mobile health vans - ensuring that every child in Orange County has access to outstanding care.

Now, by building one of the most advanced children's hospitals in the world, we are defining the shape of things to come - for children's are, medical research, and for the community.

The children of our region truly have a place to call their own. The 424,000 square foot Bill Holmes Tower has ushered in a new era at CHOC. All patient departments and ancillary services are provided within a serene, healing, and complete pediatric environment, including Orange County's only dedicated pediatric emergency department.

Thanks to philanthropic community support and because you care, children's futures are brighter than ever.


Per IRS Revenue Ruling 67-246 the purchase of holiday cards is not considered a tax-deductible contribution.